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How To Refill Tomeem Salt & Pepper Grinders

by Tomeem Official 05 May 2024 0 Comments

To refill your TOMEEM Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders, follow these steps:

  1. Turn Off the Grinder: Make sure the grinder is switched off before refilling.

  2. Remove the Lid: Gently twist or pull off the stainless steel lid or top portion of the grinder.

  3. Open the Container: Carefully open the transparent container or hopper that holds the salt or pepper.

  4. Add the Spices: Pour in your desired spices (salt, pepper, or other seasonings). Be sure not to exceed the maximum capacity.

  5. Close the Container: Securely close the transparent container once filled.

  6. Replace the Lid: Attach the stainless steel lid back to the grinder.

  7. Test: Turn on the grinder and ensure it's operating correctly. Adjust the coarseness settings as needed.

If you encounter any issues while refilling or need further assistance, consult the user manual or reach out to TOMEEM customer support via email at

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